Special Issue of IJECSCSE (National Conference on “Advanced Technologies in Computing and Networking”- ATCON 2015)

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 Healthcare System with Interactive Biosensors S. M. Ghatole,K. Y. Rokde,S. S. Shende,P. B. Dahikarpdf
 ECoG Based Brain Computer SystemPrajwali P. Korde,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Biometrics as a Security System –An OverviewMrunali Chaure,Prof. Amit Sahupdf
 Implementation of efficient Clouds using MapReduceRupali D. Korde,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Study of Security Platform Framework in Cloud ComputingAnuradha R. Deshmukh,Radhika M. Kharodepdf
 Securing Cloud Data Storage through EncryptionIshuta U. Wankhede,Dr. Sandeep R. Sirsatpdf
 Security for Personal Health Record using Attribute Based Encryption in Cloud ComputingTejashri J. Madavi,Dr. S. S. Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Methodology for Data Security &Data Sharing in Cloud ComputingKanak Hantodkar,Dr. V. M. Thakrepdf
 Edge Detection:Feature-Based canny Edge DetectionPradnya P. Warade,Dr. Mrs. S. N. Kale,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Image Recognition Using a Subspace Learning Method Ashwini A. Fulkar,Dr. Mrs. S. N. Kale,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Hybrid Approach of FR,RR and NR IQM’s for Image Quality AssessmentRitu R. Dorlikar,Dr. Mohammad Atique,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Counting People Based on Dynamic Texture Background Model Geeta L. Makhija,Dr. R. D. Raut,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Efficient Method for Image Matching using Block SimilarityAshwini M. Meshkar Dr. R. D. Raut Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Real-Time,Near-Lossless,Energy-Constrained Compression Method for High Frame Rate VideosMiss Mahamaya P. Chimurkar,Dr. Mohammad Atique,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Text Extraction from Document Images Based on Hough Transform TechniqueVikas K. Yeotikar,Manish T. Wanjari,Jageshvar K. Keche,Dr. Mahendra P. Dhorepdf
 Graphical Password Authentication Using Cued Click PointsRashmi Kale,Saba Naaz,Chanchal Mathuria,Rakhee Minj,Nilesh Shelkepdf
 Two Stage Binary Image Security System Using (2,2) Visual Cryptographic SchemeManisha A. Wherate,Dr. S.S. Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Human Face Recognition Based on PCA Method using MATLABJageshvar K. Keche,Vikas K. Yeotikar,Manish T. Wanjari,Dr. Mahendra P. Dhorepdf
 Efficient Image Segmentation Technique Roshani S. Mundhe,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Image Super-Resolution based on the Dual-Dictionary Learning and Sparse Representation MethodSmita G.Chawhan,Dr.V.M.Thakarepdf
 CBIR Feature Extraction method using Trace TransformShweta R. Warghat,Prof. R. N. Khobragade,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Combining Lexicon-based and Learning-based Methods for Twitter Sentiment Analysis AAMERA Z.H.KHAN,Dr. MOHAMMAD ATIQUE,Dr. V. M. THAKAREpdf
 Search Engine Optimization with Efficient Page Ranking AlgorithmMiss. Gayatri Vivekrao Kpase,Dr. V.M.Thakrepdf
 Document Image Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering TechniqueManish T Wanjari,Vikas K. Yeotikar,Keshav D. Kalaskar,Dr. Mahendra P. Dhorepdf
 Adaptive Fuzzy Higher Order Petri Nets for Knowledge Representation an ReasoningP. V. Mohite,Dr. R. V. Dharaskar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Performance Analysis of Semantic Web Environment Based on MapReduceVrushali T. Lanjewar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 A Search Engine Based on the Semantic WebAshlesha Khandalkar,P. D. Thakare,Dr. M. V. Sarodepdf
 Analytical Study of Clustering Algorithms by Using WekaDeepti V. Patange,Dr. Pradeep K. Butey,S. E. Taydepdf
 Review of Market Prediction Using Sentiment and Opinion MiningSantosh Thakare,Dr. Sandeep R. Sirsatpdf
 Domain Independent Approach for Extraction of Features in Customer ReviewsNilesh Shelke,Dr. S. P. Deshpandepdf
 Study of Distributed Web crawler using Web MiningAkshay S. Kende,Prof. Bhushan V. Choudharipdf
 Comparative Study of Commercial Data Mining Tools Rupali Raut,Arti Nathepdf
 Privacy Risks of recommender systems based on Collaborative FilteringMiss. Sneha M. Gulhane,Dr. V.M.Thakare, Dr. Mrs.S.S.Sherekar pdf
 Pre-Post Processing of Discriminated Data Krishna Kumar Tripathipdf
Web Content Mining Tools for Information Extraction in Wen EnvironmentDeven M. Kene,Dr. Pradeep K. Buteypdf
 A Survey on Semantic Mining on Social WebAsrar Ahmad,Prathamesh V. Phadke,Dr. V.M.Thakare,Nupur G. Nanotipdf
 A Survey of Clustering Techniques and AlgorithmsProf.  Sweety G. Rithepdf
 Parameters of Genetic Algorithm with Optimization for Phishing DetectionMs. Pallavi D. Dudhe,Prof. P.L. Ramtekepdf
 Real Time MiningProf. Pratiksha Rodgepdf
 ASR In Pursuit Of Forensics InvestigationProf. Harshlata J. Petkar,Nikita P.Kakkadpdf
 A Study of LPC:Speech Coding Compression Method Nilesh S. Bhoyar,Atul K. Shingarwade,Harshalata Petkarpdf
 Data Mining:Challenges for Future and Various Issues  Prof. Narendra J. Padole,Prof. Sameer Y. Thakurpdf
 Developing Efficient Protocol Architecture for  Bluetooth Handling  ProtocolsPratiksha M. Chavhanpdf
 Authentication key Exchange by Using Privacy Preserving over the Internet Priyanka A. Wankhade,Dinesh Datarpdf
 Wireless Human ECG Extraction:A ReviewKalyani Daware,Ram K. Nawasalkar,Swapnil G. Deshpande,Pradeep K. Buteypdf
 Li-Fi:The Future Bright Technology Akanksha R. Shrivaspdf
 SVM –The Best Classifier for Speaker Independent RecognitionYogesh M. Pharkadepdf
Overview of E-Commerce Gayatri R. Ankhule,Prof. M. R. Joshypdf
 Technology Embedded in Healthcare Anup Arvind Lahoti,Prof. P. L. Ramtekepdf
 Basic Concepts of Web CrawlingProf. Bhanudas Suresh Panchbhai,Dr. Sandeep R. Sirsatpdf
 Parallel Data Mining Architecture for Big DataMs. Deepa P. Vaidya,Dr. Shrinivas P. Deshpandepdf
Understanding the Importance of Data Leakage Detection with Distribute techniquesShraddha R. Shriwastav,Prof. Parag R. Kaveri,Prof. Umesh Gandhipdf
Comparative Study on Different Techniques of Digital Image WatermarkingRasika A.Harne,Aarti D.Sayande,Prof.N.V.Wankhade,Sneha D.Ajmirepdf
Data Mining Technique A Critical Survey (Knowledge Discovery from Data)Prof. B. P. Deshmukh,Prof. Amrapal D. Chavanpdf
Graphical Password Authentication Technique using Click based feature Integrated with Sound Signature for Enhanced Online SecurityDharmesh H. Samra,Dr. Mrs. S. S. Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
Developing an intelligent agent for Automatic Question Paper settingKanchan H. Pinjani,Renuka Y. Raut,Prof. S.E .Yedeypdf
Mapping of Low Level to High Level Audio-Visual Features:A Survey of the Literature Prof. Meenal N. Pandepdf
Methodology for Data Security &Data Sharing In Cloud ComputingKanak Hantodkar,Dr. V. M. Thakrepdf
 Syllable Specific Unit Selection Cost Function Using a Tone Modeling Technique for Automatic Phonetic Segmentation of Hindi Speech Using HMMMiss.Nutan S.Raut,Dr. Mrs.Sujata N.Kale,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Design Approach towards High Performance Addressable Memory for Future Search Engines Using 45nm CMOS TechnologyNupur G. Nanoti,Shital A. Dhanfule,Prathamesh V. Phadke,Siddharth K. Ganvirpdf
Frequent Itemset Mining in Distributed Data Stream EnvironmentPallavi R. Kapse,Bharti W. Thakre,Prof. S.Y. Thakurpdf
 Study of Classification Methods in Data MiningProf. Sandeep N. Khandare,Prof. Aniruddha Holeypdf
 Survey of Data Quality Parameters and system for verification Data QualityTrushna S. Duddalwar,Pooja K. Kale,Prof.Deepa P. Vaidyapdf
A Proposed Architecture for E-learning System to Address Learner’s Psychology Pranay S. Mahajan,Rahul R. Ingole,Dr.S.P.Deshpandepdf
 A Proposed Modified K-means Algorithm for Effective Clustering based on Element Properties Shraddha N. Umarkar,Ankita S. Kadu,Prof. N. J. Padolepdf
 Study and Comparison of Digital Image SteganographyPriyanka A. Sawarkar,Shraddha D. Nimkale,Prof. V.S. Belsare pdf
A Review on Databases for Mobile DevicesProf. Nitin V. Wankhade,Dr. S. P. Deshpande pdf
 Reducing the Effect of Mobility Considering the Two Hop Relay in MANETSMahesh D. Bompilwar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Development of Efficient  Skyline  Query  Processing in Mobile EnvironmentRatnavali R. Meshram,Dr. V. M. Thakrepdf
 An Embedded System for Patient Heartbeat MonitoringK.Y. Rokde,S.S.Shende,S.M.Ghatole,P.B.Dahikarpdf
Intrusion Detection System for Security of Mobile Communication Using Watchdog and PathraterAnju R. Fule,Dr. S.S. Sherekar,Prof. V.M. Thakarepdf
Effective Query Management using Efficient Frameworks in Mobile EnvironmentMr. Ajay P. Chendke,Dr.S.S.Sherekar,Dr.V.M.Thakarepdf
 K-Anonymity:A Big Player in Location Privacy for Mobile Query ProcessingKshitija R. Patil,Dr.Vinod M. Patilpdf
 Secure Reprogramming Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworkMiss. Anjali A. Naphade,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
Remote Communication Protocols SurveyKirtichandra S. Bhagat,Prof. Sheetal P. Gawandepdf
 Designing an efficient power aware routing algorithm based on existing Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) ProtocolP. P. Khatri,Dr. R. V. Dharaskar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
Secured Wireless Sensors Network Using Machine Learning ApproachNeha A. Meshram,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Development of Efficient Pedestrian Tracking and RecognitionSwati A. Charde,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 SIP Over AODV Routing ProtocolSneha P. Dave,Dr.  S. P. Despande,Dr.V. M. Thakarepdf
 Methods and Application of Social Network Analysis:SurveyMukesh Poundekar,Rupali Raut,Nikhil Surkar pdf
 Textual Data Compression using Octovicentimal Strange Number SystemDebasis Das,Dr U A Lanjewarpdf
 Development of Efficient Temporal Databases in a Real time Database SystemMiss. Suyoga M. Mahalle,Dr.V. M. Thakrepdf
 Synthesis and Characterization of Water Based Silver NanofluidsAbhishek A. Charde,Prof. D.V.Wele,Dr.P.V.Thoratpdf
A New Guard- Band in Joint Call Admission Controller for Improving Quality of ServiceShital  J. Meshram,Prof. R. N. Khobragade,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Development of Recommendation System for Selecting a Proper Sampling Technique for Researchers in Management Based On Objectives of Research &Study PopulationProf. S. H Datey,Prof. S. S. Kuthepdf
 Review of Cyber-Crimes And Their Impacts Over The Society Umesh R. Gadhave,Dr. Sandeep R. Sirsatpdf
 Data Migration issues in Cloud Computing:A SurveyMrs. S. M. Barhate,Dr. M. P. Dhorepdf
 A Survey on Short Term Load ForecastingMr. H. P. Oak,Prof. S. J. Honade pdf
 Study of Image Recovery by Object and Noise Removal by Using Enhanced Inpainting TechniquesGaurav K. Wadnere,Dr. S. P. Deshpande,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
A Survey on Fingerprint Enhancement Techniques using Filtering ApproachAmit V. Malwade,Dr. Mrs.Ranjana D. Raut,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Study and Analysis of  Architecture Components of Cloudlets in MCCMrs. A. S. Jaiswal,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Dr. S. S. Sherekarpdf
Study of Efficient Protocol for Secured VANET With Distributed NetworksAditya O. Sable,Dr. Rajiv Dharaskar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Textual Data Compression using Octovicentimal Strange Number SystemDebasis Das,Dr. U. A. Lanjewar pdf
 Secured Integrated Data Warehouse Architecture for Financial InstitutesVaibhav R. Bhedi,Shrinivas P. Deshpande,Ujwal A. Lanjewarpdf
 Discovering the Scope of Mobile Agent Technology in Cloud Computing Environment:A StudyMrs.Snehal A.Narale,Dr. P.K.Buteypdf
 A Nobel Search for Personal Information using Fuzzy LogicPradosh Chandra Patnaik,M V Ramana Murthy,S B Kishorpdf
 A Study On New Standard For Interactive Web And Mobile PlatformsProf. Jai Madhukar Kalepdf
 Remotely Access Audio-Video Streaming Analysis in Smartphone Prof. P. L. Ramteke,Dr. D. N. Choudharipdf
 An Overview on 5G TechnologyNikeeta  R. Patelpdf
  Linux as Virtual Interface Architecture for Network Block DeviceProf. Vinit A. Sinha,Prof. S. V. Joshipdf
 A Survey on Network Security Attacks and DefenceProf. Pranali R. Landgepdf
 A Review on Privacy Priserving Data Publishing of Social NetworkAmolika N. Patil,Dr. S.P. Deshpande pdf
 Aspect Oriented Programming:Views and FactsP. R. Sarode,R. N. Jugele pdf
 A Survey on Short Term Load ForecastingMr. H. P. Oak,Prof. S. J. Honadepdf
 Review on Countermeasure Selection and Networking Intrusion Detection using Virtual Network SystemsBhagyashri S.Virkhare,Sonali P Potepdf
 Critical Analysis of Distributed File Systems on Mobile PlatformsMadhavi Vaidya,Dr. Shrinivas Deshpandepdf