Call for Papers –Electronics Communications and Computer Engineering Original contributions are solicited on topics covered under broad areas such as (but not limited to)


Computer EngineeringElectronics & Communication
Computer VisionSemiconductor Technology
Data Base Management SystemElectronic Materials
Data MiningElectromagnetic Transients Programs
Decision makingCommunication Systems
Digital signal processing theoryIntelligent Systems and Approach
Distributed Sensor NetworksInformation Technology Application
Evolutionary computing and intelligent systemsControl Theory and Application
Expert approachesKnowledge Management
Fuzzy logicsData Communication
GPS and location-based applicationsDigital Electronics
Grid NetworkingTelecommunication Technologies
Human Computer InteractionRobotics
Image analysis and processingMechatronics
Information and data securityField Theory
Information Technology and Management SystemVLSI Technology
Nano TechnologyEmbedded System
Mobile Computing and ApplicationsAnalog ad Digital devices and Services
Multimedia CommunicationsDigital Signal Processing
Network Modeling and SimulationMicroprocessor based Technologies
Network Performance;Protocols;SensorsDigital Communication
Networking theory and technologiesDigital Security
Open Models and ArchitecturesMagnetic Theory
Pattern RecognitionMicro Machines
Perception and semantic interpretation communicationsAd hoc networks for pervasive
Real-time information systemsAdvanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models
Remote SensingArtificial Intelligency
Soft ComputingBroadband wireless technologies
Signal Control System &ProcessingCloud Computing and Applications
Speech interface;Speech processingCollaborative applications
Vision-based applications computingCommunication architectures for pervasive
VLSI AlgorithmsCommunication systems
Web TechnologiesComputer and microprocessor-based control
Wireless technologyComputer Architecture and Embedded Systems