Volume 3,Issue 6


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Wireless Sensor Network Based System Design for Chemical Parameter Monitoring In WaterN. Neha Beripdf
Various Time Synchronization Methods in MANET:A Review   Md. Naim Ansari,Hemant Kumar Sonipdf
 The Study of Acoustic waves in Semiconductor in Symmetric pair plasmasNeelam Rani, Manikant Yadav,Y. K. Mathurpdf
String Transformation Approach A Way towards
Enhancing the Effectiveness of Web Searching
Dipika L. Tidke,Prof. N. R. Wankhadepdf
WLAN Multiband Carpet Fractal Geometrie Antenna for 5 to 9 GhzAlok Dwivedi,Sumit Dubey,Anil Mishrapdf
Temporal Link Prediction using Neighborhood Integrated Matrix FactorizationMs.Trishna J.Jadhav,Prof.S.S.Banaitpdf
A Compact and Broadband Microstrip Patch Antenna with Circular Polarization for
L-S-C BAND:A Review
Mohit Twari,Sumit Dwivedi,Anil Mishrapdf