Special Issue of IJECSCSE International Conference on “Advances In Computing,Communication And Intelligence” ICACCI-2014 At Mauritius

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 Comparative Analysis and Membership Optimization for Clustering Process in Machine Intelligence Mr. Asrar Ahmad, Dr. Mohammad Atique,Dr.V.M.Thakarepdf
 Comparison and Study of Image Compression and Enhancement Using Various TechniquesMr. Vaibhav B. Aundhakar, Mr. R.N.Khobragade, Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Efficient Image Retrieval with Feature Extraction Based On Multi-Image QueryMiss. Priti M. Badone,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Dr. R. D. Rautpdf
 A Novel Defence Scheme for Jamming Attack Prevention in Computer NetworksMiss. Nikita S. Bahaley,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Dr. S. S. Sherekarpdf
 A Novel Approach to Minimize Flooding in MANET Using Symmetric and Asymmetric PathsMiss. Miss. S.E.Barbudhe,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Dr. S. S. Sherekarpdf
Critical Study of Location Dependent Based Query Processing in Mobile EnvironmentMr. Ajay P. Chendke,Mrs. S. S. Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
An Efficient Higher LSB Method for Hiding Encrypted Data into Audio and Video Frames of AVI Video CarrierMs. Renu R.Dandge,Prof. Dr. V. M. Thakrepdf
 mHealthcare Wellness Monitoring Infrastructure Using Physiological Signals through Smart Phone:A ReviewSwapnil G. Deshpande,V.M. Thakre,Pradeep K. Buteypdf
 DoS Attack Detection in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network Using Malicious Node Detection AlgorithmMiss S.A. Ghorsad,Dr. P. P. Karde,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Dr. R.V Dharaskarpdf
 A Novel Efficient Software Engineering Models for Agile MethodsMs. Shweta S. Gulhane,Dr. Mohammad Atique,Dr. P.P. Karde,Dr. V.M. Thakarepdf
 A Novel Approach for User Authentication in CloudMiss. Vrushali R. Hirkane,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Dr. S. S. Sherekarpdf
 Load Balancing Model for Distributed File System in Cloud Computing using Distributed Hash Table ApproachMs. Arpita M. Hirudkar,Dr.V.M.Thakare,Dr. R.V Dharaskarpdf
 Data Storage Security and Privacy Implementation based on Cryptographic TechniqueMiss. Sayali M. Jawake,Dr. S. S. Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 A Novel Framework for Image Segmentation with De-Oversegmentation TechniqueB.V.Kasar,S.S.Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Comparative Study of Phishing and Sybil Attack Miss. Ankita S. Koleshwar,Mrs. Swati S. Sherekar,Mr. Vilas M. Thakarepdf
Cloud Multimedia Services in Smart PhoneRuchita D.Londhe ,Dr. Swati S. Sherekar ,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Model for Checking Reliability of Software with Multiple Releases of Software Miss Nehal S. Morshe ,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Prof. M. Atiquepdf
 Rhythm Extraction from Expressive Body Movement Responses of North Indian Classical MusicRam K. Nawasalkar,Dr.V.M. Thakre,Dr.Pradeep K. Buteypdf
 Implementation of Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm Using Hierarchical Real-Time Scheduling FrameworkSwapnil.S.Nehar,S.S.Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakarepdf
 Privacy Protection:A Major Issue in Location Based Query ProcessingKshitija Patil ,Dr.Vinod Patil,Dr. Vilas Thakare,Dr. Varsha Tondrepdf
 A Combined Naïve Bayes and URL Analysis Based Adaptive Technique for Email Classification Tina R. Patil,Prof. Dr. V. M. Thakare ,Prof. Dr. S. S. Sherekarpdf
 Modified Approach for Speech Enhancement TechniquesMr. Prathamesh V. Phadke,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Dr.Mrs. Sujata N. Kale,Mr. R.N.Khobragadepdf
 Distributed Face Tracking and Recognition in Camera Networks Miss M. M. Punse,Dr. Mrs. S. N. Kale,Dr.V.M.Thakarepdf
Designing Secure Architecture for Preserving Privacy in MANET Mobile Sensing Miss. Snehal G. Sarode,Dr. V.M.Thakarepdf
 Security Approach Regarding Routing Protocol for Network Layer in MANET S.V.Shirbhate,Dr.S.S.Sherekar,Dr.V.M.Thakarepdf
 A Novel Method for XML/SQL Query Translation Using Twice Indexing With Caching Approach Ms. P.P.Talan,Dr.V.M.Thakare,Dr. P.P.Karde,Dr. S.S.Sherekarpdf
Multiuser Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Ms N.A.Wasankar,Dr.P.P.Karade,Dr.V.M.Thakare,Dr. R.V Dharaskarpdf
Modeling and Simulation to Enhance Performance of EDRP by Adaptive Hello Messaging Scheme for Neighbor Discovery in Wireless NetworkMr. S. G. Gupta,Dr. V.M. Thakare,Prof. R.N. Khobragadepdf
Large Scale Data Analysis TechniquesMadhavi Vaidya,Dr. Shrinivas Deshpande,Dr. Vilas Thakarepdf
Development of Reconfigurable Multiprocessor SystemsArchana Gomkarpdf