Special Issue of IJECSCSE -Annual IETE Convention 2K18 on “Smart Engineering for Sustainable Development”

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 Design and Implementation of Low Cost ECG Monitoring System Using Smart Devices (Mobile or Laptop)Dr. S.S Mungona,Miss. Shivani Maskipdf
 Data Modeling and Data Analytics:Big Data PerspectiveProf. Yogita S. Alone Prof. Ruchita A. Kale Prof. P. P. Deshmukh Prof. Gaurav J. Sawalepdf
 Train,Test,Validate:An Artificial Neural Network Approach for Human Moods RecognitionMr.Sandeep A.Awachar,Dr.P.V.Ingolepdf
 Analytical Approach on Efficient and Robust Secret Sharing Scheme in Big-DataMiss. P. D. Thakare,Dr.V.M.Thakare,Dr.Mrs.S.N.Kale pdf
 Review on social security attacks on online social networking for Rumors BlockingMrs.Shita.M.Mohod Dr.Swati S. Sherekar Dr.V.M.Thakare Dr. N.B.Rautpdf
 An Authentication System for DDoS Attack Detection and Prevention on Cloud PlatformAbhijeetsingh S. Thakur,Dr. Mrs. S. S. Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakare pdf
 Study of Security Challenges in Multilayered Structure and Various Attacks on IOTMs. Shilpa B. Sarvaiya Dr.Swati S.Sherekar Dr.V.M.Thakare pdf
A Study and analysis of detection and countermeasures against the attack in MANETMs.S.R. chavan,Dr. S.S.Sherekar,Dr V.M.Thakre,Dr.N.B.Raut pdf
 Privacy preserving Data mining methodsMiss. S. M. Dolas,Dr. V. M. Thakare,Prof. Y. M. Kurwade pdf
 A Review on Cluster between Internet of things and Social NetworkMs.S.G.Pundkar,Ms.R.S.Badre,Ms.N.A.Deshmukh,Mr.A.U.Chaudhari pdf
Multi Access Edge Computing Technologies for Internet of Things Snehal H. Kuche    Ankur S. Mahalle       Sneha Kalbande       Rupesh Hushangabade pdf
 IoT based Models for the Implementation of Smart City         A. U. Gulhane       N. S. Wadhe      S. N. Sarda pdf
 A review paper on Internet of Things:Applications &Challenges Shruti G. Taley  Prachi N. Deshmukh Rasika S. Badrepdf
 Fault Tolerant Scheduling in Cloud Systems Using Genetic AlgorithmDivyani N.Deshmukh Dr. Y. M. Kurwade Dr. V. M. Thakare pdf
 Efficient and Secured Data Sharing Schemes on Cloud for Access Control and StorageS.P. Marke           Y.M. Kurwade        V ilas M. Thakare pdf
Overview Of Different Approaches Of Web Content Mining Tools And TechniquesMrs. Rane Seema Vijay  Dr. Vinod M. Patil pdf
 Neural Signal Compression Using Video Compression TechniquesMs. Radhika P. Fuke Mr. Nikhil V. Raut pdf
 A Framework for More Secured or More Secured and Authenticated Image Sharing SchemesMiss. S. V. Kale    Dr. V. M. Thakare   Dr. Mrs. S. S. Sherekar pdf
 A Framework for Classification and Ranking of Sentiments in Short Text  Sneha P. Jagtap ,  V.M.Thakare pdf
 Developing the improved software fault prediction approach using Feature Selection Miss. S.V. Athawale,Dr.V.M.Thakare pdf
 Comparative Analysis of Various Issues and Challenges in Design of Position Based Routing Protocol in ManetDipa P.Bodkhe   Dr. R.N.Khobragade     Dr.V.M. Thakare. pdf
 Privacy issue in mobile cloud computing ReviewRahul R. Papalkar   Nikhil S. Band   Pravin R. Nerkar    Gaurav K.Wadnere pdf
 Automation and Crop Monitoring in Agriculture Using IoTProf. Prabodh S. Nimat,  Dr. C. M. Jadhao,  Prof. Parag K. Shelke pdf
 Role of Artificial Intelligence,Cloud and Internet of Things to Become Smart City Secure and Safe- a ReviewP. R. Nerkar,R. R. Papalkar,S.P. Thakarepdf
 Information Security in Data Collector and Miner in Big Data Mining Prof. Ms. Niketa V.Kadam,Prof.Anup G.Kadu, Prof. Ms. Preeti V.Dudhe Prof. Ms. Maithili S. Deshmukh pdf
 Study of Sentiment Analysis In Twitter Data Using HadoopMr. Shailesh P. Thakare,  Mr. Sanjay V. Dhopte pdf
 A Review on Tenders of Genetic Algorithms plus Fuzzy Logic in Temporary Memory Storage Mr. S. N. Sarda,Mr. A. A. Gulhane,Mr. N. S. Wadhe,Mr. S. D. Thakur pdf
 Enhance Energy Efficiency In Smart PhonesP. R. Nerkar      R. R. Papalkar     N. S. Band pdf
 MQTT Protocol Security Using Payload Encryption &Digital Signature Technique  Umesh V. Nikam  Ms. Jaya N. Tatte pdf
 Survey of Intelligent Chat Bots Using Machine LearningProf. Anup W. Burange Prof. Yugandhara A. Thakare Prof. Harshal D. Misalkar pdf
 A Survey of Detection of HTTP BotMayank R. Dundale          Prof. S. S. Dandge       Prof. N. V. Pardakhe pdf
 A Survey Of Advance Objects Detection And Tracking System In Video Miss. Priyanka S. Raut       Dr. G. R. Bamnote pdf
 A Review of Opinion Mining and Analysis Prof. M. S. Deshmukh,Prof. Ms. P. V. Dudhe,Prof. Ms. N. V. Kadam,Dr. N. N. Khalsa pdf
 Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics with Blockcha in Based Security  Prof. Harshal D. Misalkar,Prof. Omprakash A. Jaisinghani,Prof. Anup W. Burange pdf
 Recovery of Image by Object &Noise Removal by Using Enhanced Inpainting TechniqueAditya O. Sable,Gaurav K. Wadnere pdf
 Smart Water Geyser System Rupali A. Meshram,Komal R. Hole,Pranita P. Deshmukh pdf
 Open Research Issues,Tools and Challenges in Big Data AnalyticsProf. Prachi N. Deshmukh Prof. Rasika S. Badre Prof. Shruti G. Tale pdf
 Blended MOOCs:A Commitment to Quality Education Dr.Harshalata Petkar Dr. Girish Kamble pdf
 SECURITY IN ANDROID OSProf. Sumedh P. Ingale Prof. Ankit R.Mune Prof. Aditya O. Sable pdf
A Review on Smart Object Based on IOTProf. Rasika S. Badre Prof. ShrutiG.Taley Prof. Prachi N. Deshmukh pdf
Pulling social media twitter data into RRoshan R. Karwa Vishal V. Rathi Parag P. Kadu Ankush R. Deshmukh pdf
An Analytical Review of E-Learning Methods and ProcessesDeepali V. Pande Shrinivas Deshpande pdf
A Framework of Enhanced Cloud Data Security and its analysisAshish A. Patokar Dr. V. M. Patil pdf
Introduction to WEKA &Study on Data Mining tool with its Comparative AnalysisProf. Saurabh A. Ghogare pdf
Big Data Analysis Using Regression TechniquesMADHURA A. CHINCHMALATPURE DR. MAHENDRA P. DHORE pdf
An Analytical Study of Devanagari Script RecognitionS E Warkhede V M Thakare P E Ajmire pdf
 IOT Based Pedometer-A Review Ms. Pradnya R. Nakhale      Dr. U. A. Belorkar  pdf
A Secure Data Deduplication for Multi-User Cloud Storage Minal Zaryekar Prof. Shweta Ashtekar Prof . Amruta Chintawar  pdf
 Spacecraft Simulator for Deep Space Missions Ankur Sharma,K Vijay Pal,G M Mallikarjuna,K R Bharathi,Anjani Srilaxmi,UshaBhandiwad,U N Vasanthakumari  pdf
Wireless Communication between Embedded Systems Based
Daryl Narakadan,Sadhana Pai,Manita Rajput,Raghunandan Shukla  pdf
 IOT And Wireless Sensor Based Healthcare Monitoring
System For Victim Persons
 V.Karthikeyan S.Thayammal E.Raja  pdf
 An analytical approach for 4Ghz Frequency simulation
Using frequency synthesizer
 Pooja V. Paturkar Prof. Ujjwal V. Ramekar  pdf
 Adoption of IoT for Defence – Issues &Concerns P. Narasimha Rao,FIETE &Prof. K. Laxminarayana,  pdf
 Design of Op Amp Operating in Sub threshold
Region using 90nm Technology
Sreelekshmi B Mrs.Trupti Agarkar Mrs.Sushma Kodagali  pdf
 Low Power Design Of Multiplier Using Feed Through
 Case Study:Development Map for Adarsh Gram Sujata Kulkarni  pdf
Solar Energy Analyser and Predictor Utkarsh Mishra2. Aditya Sharma3. Shreeyash Haritashya  pdf
 Impact of Automation on Society Pranay Sogani ,Tanya Parnami  pdf
 Digitization of ECG through Anisotropic Diffusion
R. R. Karhe,S. N. Kale  pdf
 Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification using Image
Processing Technique
 Minal A. Yawale Prof. N. N. Mandaogade  pdf
 Quality Analysis and Grading Of Soybean Using Image
 Mr. Vaibhav S. Yende,Prof. S. V. Pattalwar  pdf
 Retrieval Techniques for Feature Extraction In Cbir
 Miss Vanita M. Yadao Ashish B. Kharate  pdf
Classification of Radiolarian Fossil Images Using Generalized Feed Forward Neural Network Trushali S. Ruikar Mr.Vijay L. Agrawal  pdf
An IoT Based Approach for Detection of Water Leakages in
 Miss. Vaishnavi Bhende Dr. P. V. Ingole Dr. S. M. Deshmukh  pdf
A White-Space Revolution using Cognitive Radio:Challenges,
Opportunities and Comparative Statements on Spectrum Sensing Techniques
 Jayant P. Pawar Dr. Prashant V. Ingole  pdf
Elderly Care Smart Home Automation Using Internet Of Things N.B. Bhawarkar,Dr. C.M. Jadhao  pdf
A Novel Scalable Design of 2:4 Decoders for Power
Estimation in Submicron Technology
 Prof. Yogesh N. Thakare Dr. Sujata N.Kale  pdf
Design of Cost Effective IoT based Remote Terminal
 Amol S. Gurnule and S. J. Sharma  pdf
Sustainable Electricity Generation Through Geothermal
Energy by Using Graphene
 Ms. Shamal P. Dambhe,Dr. P. M. Pandit,Ms. Rani B.Gaykwad,Ms. Shweta k. Tundalwar  pdf
Smart Grid Scenario in India Ganesh P.Bangare Prof.A.D.Borkhade Mr. Shubham G.Ughade  pdf
Coverage Area Expansion of WiFiRe &Wireless Sensor Networks using co-ordination free Repeater Groups for Agriculture Jayant P. Pawar Dr. Prashant V. Ingole  pdf
Controllable Hybrid Power System:A Generation Towards
Sustainable Development
 Pavan D. Bajait Praneet W. Likhare Shubham V. Pimpalshende,Kavita A. Khandekar  pdf
Image processing based classification of Rheumatoid
 Bhisikar Swati Kale Sujata  pdf
Identifying of Student’s Activity in Classroom using Phenomena Mining Sharayu Nivrutti Bonde,Dr. D.K. Kirange  pdf
Anticipation of Distributed denial of service Attack Using Four- Tier CAPTCHA Ms.Sonika A. Chorey,Ms. Priyanka A. Chorey,Ms. Saleha I. Saudagar  pdf
Efficient and Reliable Data mining by Non-Linear Clustering using Apriori AlgorithmMiss D. B. Khandekar,Dr.V. M.Thakare  pdf
Review of Automatic Street Light Control System Using IOT For Conservation Of Energy Mr. Prajwal Himane,Ms. Pallavi Deshkari,Ms. Harsha Sukhdeve,Prof. Poonam lohiya  pdf
IoT Based Smart &Secure Personal Luggage SystemProf S. V. Kalbande,Prof R. M. Hushangabade,Prof S. D. Thakur  pdf
Data,Data Analysis and Data Science,A Need Review Mr. Shailesh P. Thakare Mr. Nikhil S. Band  pdf
An Efficient Public Auditing Protocol and Privacy of data owners Miss Divya M. KantodeDr. Mrs R.D. RautDr. V. M. Thakare  pdf
Design of Multipath,Multisource,Multimedia Transmission protocol for IOMT Framework Reshma Nargis,Mohammad Siddique,V.M.Thakare  pdf
IOT Based Smart Irrigation System Shital Mohite,Ankita Thakare,Rutuja Akkawar,Shital Mengaje,Swati Shelke  pdf
Role of Artificial Intelligence,Cloud and Internet of
Things to become smart city secure and safe – a Review
Nikhil.S.Band,P. R. Nerkar,R. R. Papalkar,and S.P. Thakare  pdf
Information Security in Data Collector and Miner in Big Data Mining Prof.Ms.Niketa V.Kadam,Prof.Anup G.Kadu,Prof.Ms.Preeti V.Dudhe,Prof.Ms.Maithili S.Deshmukh  pdf
A Review paper on various applications of Big data Prof.Ms.P.V.Dudhe,Prof. M. S. Deshmukh,Prof.Ms.N.V.Kadam,Prof. R. M. Hushangabade   pdf
Multimedia System Approach for Development of Web Applications &services for Data VisualizationMr.Smeet D.Thakur,Mr.Abhishek A.Gulhane,Mr. Rupesh M. Hushangabade  pdf
A Review paper on Internet of Things and Robotics an Integrative approachProf. Komal R. Hole,Prof. Rupali A. Meshram,Prof. Pranita P. Deshmukh  pdf
Analysis of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitor with various dielectricsSushma Kodagali Debajani Mahanta,Sneha Solanki  pdf
Review Paper on Home Automation and Security using IOTRupali J. Nirmal,S. S .Mhaske,Dr. C. M. Jadhao P. S. Nimat  pdf
Visual Cryptography –Multilevel Protection Scheme For Visulation Of Network Security Protection Ms.Monali P.Umbrekar,Mr.Nandkishor O.Kadu   pdf
Helium-3:A Futuristic Step Towards Sustainable Energy Source Nehal A. Vyawhare,Jitendra R. Sawant,Vipul M. Raut  pdf
Smart grid technology:the future of Intelligent power management R. V. Dukare,A. A. Gophane,P. P. Ghane,R. R. Patil  pdf
Piezoelectric MEMS to Harvest Energy from Ambient VibrationsS G Agrahari,Dr. C M Jadhav  pdf
Analysis of Schemes for Secure Access of Software Services in
Mobile Cloud Computing
Miss. M. S. Chinchamalatpure,Dr. Mrs. Swati Sherekar,Dr. V. M. Thakare  pdf